The selection set window

The selection set window is where you can access your saved selection sets, edit and create folders, and compare your saved sets.

View a saved selection set

In order to view a selection set that you have saved, click on the folder drop-down menu and choose a selection set to view.

To learn how to save a selection set, see the posts “Saving selection sets” and “Saving selection sets 2

Clicking on a set will open it in the viewer, with the elements highlighted in the color assigned to that set.

Creating and editing folders

In order to edit the name of a selection set folder, click “edit folder” and get to work! You can edit the name, delete it, or even add new ones in which to save sets later. Folders are arranged in alphabetical order.

Compare selection sets

Once you have saved at least two selection sets, you can open a few at a time and compare them. For more information, see the post “comparing selection sets

More information

For more information, see the posts:

Saving selection sets

Saving selection sets 2

Editing selection sets

Comparing selection sets


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