Saving selection sets


Use the “save selection set” feature to create folders and save a set of elements, the results of a search and/or selected elements within that search. Simply create a report for a search, select the desired elements (either individual ones or select all), and click the “save selection set” or “copy as new selection” button.

NB: if you use this feature with models that are not Revit models, you must open the selection set on the version of the model on which it was saved

Name the selection set

Choose the name of the set, add a description, add it to an existing folder or a new one. You can also assign a color to the set, which enables easier comparison of sets.

Add to selection set

Once you have some saved selection sets, you can quickly add the results of searches to existing ones, or create new folders, using the “add to…” button:

New selection set

If you choose “new selection set”, a new tab will open on the report, containing your selection set as an unsaved set. Don’t forget to save it using the “save as selection set” button.

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