Saving templates


This feature enables you to save your search terms for future use. As different projects have different information standards, the save template feature enables you to customize the precise search that you need for each project and save it for future use.

Define your search

First of all, open one of our default search templates or create your own from scratch (see the post “search your model”). Once you have done this, click the “save as template” button at the bottom of the search window. You will be given the option to name your template, save it in an existing folder, or create a new folder in which to save it.

Template location

Once the template is saved, you will find it in the “load search template” section. Use the ? button for a summary of the template parameters, and the three dots to edit or delete. This window also provides the option to create a new folder.  You will always have access to our default search templates in the – you guessed it – “Default” folder.

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