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The first page you see when you sign up to BIMSearch is the model selection interface. There are 3 sections to this interface: the project list and search bar, recents and favorites, and the display area.

Project list and search bar

The project list shows your projects, organized by hubs to which you have access. 

The magnifying glass indicates a search bar where you can search for the names of hubs or projects. 

If you cannot see any hubs or projects, the account administrator will need to integrate the hub with BIMSearch from the Autodesk BIM 360 or ACC side. This is an easy process – simply press the “see your projects” button for the instructions, or find them here. You can always contact us at to get help with this. 

Please note that you can always access our example project, “Office building”, so you can explore BIMSearch even before you have access to your own projects. 

Recents and favorites

The recents and favorites section controls the recent models you have opened, or any files you have marked as “favorite” by selecting the star next to the file.

The display area

The display area is the center of the window and presents the folders and files that you select. The default view is for recent files, so when you first open BIMSearch it will be empty.

In this section you will also find the “contact support” button, which will open a form with which you can contact us. It gets sent to the email address, and you will get a quick reply from an actual person. We are happy to help with any issues and can email or even arrange a meeting.

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