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BIMSearch is a web application allowing data extraction from BIM models that are stored on the Autodesk BIM 360 or Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) platforms.


This means that in order to see your projects and models, BIMSearch needs to be given permission to the Autodesk hub on which your models are saved. This process is called “hub integration”.


Hub integration is free, takes a few seconds, and only needs to be done once per hub.

Hub integration - hub administrator

If you are the hub administrator or the account admin for the Autodesk account where the hub is, then skip straight to the section “Instructions for giving permissions”.


If you are NOT the hub administrator, you need to get in touch with them and ask them to do the hub integration. Send them this post. 

I don’t know who the hub administrator is

If you don’t know who your hub administrator is, here are the people you can ask to try and find out:

  1. Team leader
  2. Project manager
  3. BIM manager
  4. Design/planning manager
  5. Department head
  6. Tech officer


You can also always contact us and we can help you play detective. Email us at

Instructions for giving permissions

If you are the hub administrator, follow these instructions:

1. Log in to Autodesk

Log in using your Account Admin

Click on the Account Admin tab at the top left of the browser

2. Select BIMSearch

Click on the Apps tab and select the BIMSearch app

If you don’t have the apps tab, follow the instructions here. In order to find your account ID, see the instructions in this post . Then continue below.

3. Authorization

Follow Autodesk’s authorization prompts

4. Check

Check that BIMSearch is active and can be opened

Once you have completed this process, every user can log in via

Further support

If you need further support, contact

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