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This post presents the minimum requirements to help make the most of BIMSearch, and the data in your BIM model in general. A full Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) document is dependent on your region and your project’s specific requirements. We can help you with this – please get in touch!

Formats and Common Data Environment

BIMSearch supports models with the following file extensions: *.*rvt (Revit), *.*nwc, *.*nwd (Navisworks), *.*iwm (Infoworks), *.*fbx (Filmbox), *.*ifc, *.*dwg, *.*dwf, *.*dwfx, *.*dwt, and more. 

The models must be stored on Autodesk BIM 360 or Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) platforms.

Important: BIMSearch can only present data that is visible in the selected model view. 

Tips for model-building

  • Continuity
    Standardize everything, but especially the naming of elements. We recommend utilizing regional standards appropriate for you, but you can also develop your own.

  • Clarity
    Whatever standards you use, make sure they are written down and shared with whoever will be developing or accessing the model.

  • Consideration
    Be considerate! The model can serve many people at every stage of the construction process – but not if it is only built with the planning process in mind. Talk to colleagues, develop a department/organization EIR, and build the model with as broad a use in mind as possible.

Preparing models for BIMSearch

  • Create 2D\3D views of the model to use on BIMSearch; make sure all the elements you need are visible in those views.
  • Large models should be separated into different views in accordance with need. We recommend geographical areas or discipline.
  • Check Revit Publish Settings and make sure all views needed on BIMSearch are included in the set and published on the cloud
  • Set Automatic Publishing to make sure your models stay up to date


For more information about BIM 360 views see this post.

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