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Please see the post “Access your projects – hub integration” or contact us.

Issue 1 - General bugginess

The BIMSearch app is powered by Forge, so if there is an issue with the Forge, BIM360 or ACC platforms BIMSearch might not work properly. In this case, check the Autodesk services status on Autodesk Health Dashboard.

Issue 2 - Can’t find elements

BIMSearch can only access what is published in the view. Make sure that all the elements are in the view you want to search, and that that view is published. For more information about views and publishing, see the post “EIR – The BIM manager’s guide”

Issue 3 - The model takes too long to load/crashes

If your model is very large, it might not work smoothly on BIMSearch. In such a situation, it is mandatory to create views with the BIM model divided into smaller sections such as by level or by discipline, so that there will be fewer elements in the view and therefore less data for BIMSearch to handle. Don’t forget to make sure all the required views are published to the cloud. For more information about views and publishing, see the post “EIR – The BIM manager’s guide


Note: The order in which published views are shown on the BIMSearch Document Browser is set by the order in which they were created, with the oldest views at the top. The default view when opening a model is the oldest view in the set.

Is something still wrong?

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