Free trial sign-up guide

Try the free demo

Have a play with BIMSearch even before you sign up for a trial! Click on one of the “free demo” buttons on the website home page and you will be taken straight to a free version of BIMSearch that enables you to explore all the features using our demo project, before signing up for a trial.


Note: nothing you do in the demo will be saved, and you won’t be able to access any of your own projects. For this, you need to sign up (for free) to the free 14 day trial.

14 day free trial

Once you are ready to try BIMSearch for real, on your own projects, click the “access your projects” button in the demo (or the “log in” button on the website home page) and you will be able to sign up for free to BIMSearch for a 14 day trial of BIMSearch Premium.

Sign-up guide

1. Click on the “Autodesk Sign In” button to let BIMSearch connect your Autodesk BIM360 / Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) account.


**If you have an Autodesk account, log in and skip to step 6 “Allow BIMSearch access”. Otherwise, continue below**

2. Click on the “Create Account” button

3. Fill in all the fields, read the Autodesk Terms of Use and Privacy Statement, agree, and click to create account.

4. In your inbox you will find this email. Click on “Verify Email”. A new window will open.

5. This page will open in a new window. If you choose, you can check the box to receive marketing from Autodesk. If not, you just click “Done”.

6. Now you need to allow BIMSearch to access your models on the BIM 360 cloud. Click “Allow”.

7. Fill in your details, read BIMSearch’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, click “Agree”, and then click “Create Account”

Welcome to BIMSearch!

Welcome to the BIMSearch Premium home page.

Here you will find a link to the BIMSearch Demo project, so that you can try out BIMSearch even before you have access to your own BIM 360 projects.

Access your projects

If your company does not already have a BIMSearch account, your hub administrator will need to conduct a custom integration (enable BIMSearch on the Autodesk site).

For instructions on how to do this, click on the “see your projects” button, or go directly to the post “Access your projects – hub integration“.

Contact us

If you need any support with this process, please email us at

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