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Make the most of your BIM data

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Collaborate in a visual and intuitive BIM environment.

Maximize efficiency

Complete tasks in minutes rather than hours

Drive innovation

Eliminate implementation barriers with an easy-to-use and light-weight cloud application.

Any task in a click!

Quickly search your BIM model and get results instantly: quantity, area, volume…whatever you need! See the results on the model to get visual insight. You can always export to Excel for further analysis and share with your colleagues.

Save sets of elements and use to track site progress, organize and check invoices, and prepare yourself for the work ahead. View them on the model and in a table. Exporting everything to Excel (including the image) makes it easy to integrate with your existing workflow.

Color-code your model according to your needs. Want to compare the 30cm concrete walls to the 40cm? Run a search, save the elements with different colors and there you have it – a visual overview that shows you exactly where everything is. With this feature the possibilities are endless

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10 %
More efficient to calculate quantities and plan deliveries
2 %
Fewer planning errors found after construction
2 %
Time saved organizing invoices

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