Comparing selection sets

Once you have saved at least one selection set, you can open a few at a time and compare them. This is great for tracking site progress, managing invoices, or even just seeing how different systems interact.

Comparing selection sets

To compare sets, first of all you need to open the selection set window. Once there, press the “compare” button and select the sets you want to compare.

All the sets you choose will be presented in the viewer, in the colors assigned to them.

If elements appear in more than one of the compared sets, the colors will overlap. Note how the blue and magenta have been overlaid with the cyan, as the ground level concrete walls and level one concrete walls also appear in the selection set of all the concrete walls.

Instant widget comparison data

The instant widget in the top left hand corner of the viewer will summarize the selection. Click “selection details” to see the full breakdown of the selection sets in the comparison.

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