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5 construction site tasks you can do faster

Construction site management tasks are endless and time-consuming but thanks to the rise in popularity of BIM, this doesn’t have to be the case! Check out 5 (of many!) construction site tasks you can do faster using BIM:

1. Calculate quantities for delivery

In just a few clicks you can run a full quantity takeoff and know exactly where on site the material needs to be delivered

Here, for example, the ground floor has 4 concrete walls, with a total volume of 92.77m³. You can see exactly where on site it will need to be cast, so where the concrete should be delivered.

2. Plan casting stages

For large projects where the casting needs to happen in stages, use the BIM model to plan the process easily:

3. Prepare scopes of work

First things first: make sure your subcontractor knows exactly what they need to do. 

Here the gypsum subcontractor can see all the gypsum walls in the project and get a summary of quantities for each floor: for the ground floor, there are 5 different types of gypsum wall, with a total of 79 walls. 

4. Track subcontractor progress

Keeping track of site progress is easy.Use BIMSearch to track subcontractor progress on site by connecting the work completed to the BIM model.

5. Supervise subcontractor invoices

Once you have a digital track of site progress, it’s easy to supervise invoices! Simply compare the work completed with the work being invoiced. With BIMSearch, the color-coding of elements means you can spot inconsistencies in an instant!

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