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Graphic of glowing white boxes connected with lines with the text unleash the potential of your autodesk BIM 360 or ACC account using Autodesk partner integration apps

Unleash the potential of your Autodesk BIM 360/ACC account

Collaborative work on a Common Data Environment (CDE) has become an essential part of an effective working process. For the AEC industry, Autodesk is the market leader, and the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) and BIM 360 platforms are used worldwide. One of the lesser-known benefits of working with the ACC and BIM 360 platforms is the ability to connect with external apps that can provide features unavailable on the ACC and BIM 360 platforms themselves

What is an Autodesk Partner Integration?

In order to expand the value of their products and encourage the development of technology in the AEC industry, Autodesk partners with other companies and software developers to enable integrations that allow their software to work seamlessly with other systems. 


Autodesk runs QA for every app or integration that is offered, and vets the companies to ensure that they are legitimate and add value to the Autodesk user. 


Partner integrations can provide a significant benefit to users of Autodesk software, as they allow for greater flexibility and customization in the use of the software and can help streamline workflows and improve productivity.

Autodesk App Store

The easiest way to explore the apps available for integration is by going to the Autodesk app store and browse. The apps are organized by industry, function, and field, and are searchable. Each app has a description page with a description, screenshots, and contact details, so you can get in touch with the app’s creators for more information or technical support.

How to add an app!

In order to connect your projects to Autodesk integrations, you need to enable the app on the hub administrator’s account. This process is called “hub integration”, and needs to be carried out by the hub administrator. 


Essentially, the hub administrator logs in, goes to the app store, selects the desired app, and adds it to the hub.


For full instructions on how to do this, see our help center post: Access your projects – hub integration

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