Planning casting stages


Use BIMSearch’s selection set feature to plan the casting stages of your project and ensure that the process is as smooth as possible: easily calculate the correct quantities of material ready for ordering and ensure they are delivered to the correct location on site.

This example demonstrates planning casting stages for concrete walls.

1. Calculate the total quantity of concrete required

This step involves a quick search using the default template “walls”.  Check out the post “Use case: calculating concrete quantities” for detailed instructions on how to do this.

2. Refine and locate

Highlight all the L2 concrete wall elements. Click on the ghost button to isolate just the elements, and select the elements for the first casting.

3. Save as selection set

Right click and select “save as selection set”.

Create a folder for the new selection set, color code the selection set, add name and description. This example demonstrates a folder called “weekly schedule” with a selection set “week 1” color-coded blue.

4. Repeat for all the casting stages

This step can be repeated with different colors for different weeks, such that each casting stage can be planned (and monitored). 

Note: this example uses 4 selection sets representing 4 casting stages in order to highlight BIMSearch’s potential uses, but in practice this amount of casting could probably be done in two cycles.

5. Compare selection sets

Once all the cycles have been saved as selection sets, you can compare them and view them on the model, using the “compare” button in the selection set window. The instant widget provides an overview of the set details.

6. Prepare for the casting stages!

Using BIMSearch for planning the casting stages means that as well as strategizing the casting, it is easy to know exactly how much concrete needs to be ordered for each stage, and where on the site it will need to be delivered.

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