Supervising subcontractor invoices


Managing invoices effectively is vital for a successful construction project. Ensuring that payments are accurate and timely is essential both for the financial aspects of a project but also for transparency and building trust. 

Using BIMSearch to keep all the invoices organized connects the financial side of projects directly with the BIM model and with project progress.

Track site progress

The first step in managing the invoices efficiently is to use BIMSearch to track the construction progress. To learn how to do this, see the post use case: tracking construction progress. This post demonstrates how to save the elements that have been built each month as selection sets.

Save the invoice

This example focuses on the gypsum contractor. Each month, when the invoice is received, highlight on the model each of the elements that has been invoiced. Save as a selection set. This example has been saved as “Gypsum invoice Jan 2023” and color-coded in red.

Compare and contrast

Now that the invoice data and the progress data have been saved as selection sets, it is easy to compare them and simultaneously check their accuracy and manage the accounting process.

In this example, the gypsum contractor has invoiced for 10 elements and indeed most of these elements overlap with the selection set for work completed. However, there is one element that does not overlap with the selection set for work completed in January 2023, yet this has been included in the invoice.


Being able to spot inconsistencies immediately makes the accounting process more accurate and transparent. Furthermore, all of the invoices are incorporated into the BIM model, centralizing all the data and making it accessible in an instant, and straightforward to share.

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