Checking design models before construction


Learn how to use your BIM model to plan site logistics before construction even starts!

The BIM model created in the design phase is generally not appropriate for the construction phase. This can be because of different requirements for LOD, or simply because the planning stages have different priorities. Identifying these differences early on prevents expensive errors and delays.

This example will demonstrate how you can use BIMSearch to help you streamline your site logistics using the BIM model.

Planning concrete casting

Let’s say that you are planning the casting of concrete walls for the ground floor. You have already searched the volume of concrete you need to order, using BIMSearch’s “Walls” template (see the use case “calculating quantities”). 

As the table is organized by both base constraint and type name, you can see the different formwork that is needed to cast the walls.

Plan logistics

As the image below shows, there are 4 different sizes of formwork in this project: 200mm, 250mm, 300mm and 400mm. However, there is only one wall requiring  400mm (CON400) formwork.

This is a perfect example of something that the planners may have included to reflect the architectural model, but structurally it isn’t needed, and it adds more cost and logistics. 

Having noticed this, it is worth checking back in with the planner and seeing if it can be replaced with another 350mm wall, or another solution, that removes the need to order and arrange one single 400mm framework.

Learn more

Running model checks like this is an easy way to prepare for the construction phase and plan ahead (as much as possible!)

Check out the post “Getting to know your project” to see how BIMSearch can be used to run a full survey of a project.

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