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Render of the HYP project: a tall silver tower amongst a park and cityscape in the background

How a $350 million project is staying on budget and on schedule

Case study: Amot Allied X BIMSearch

The HYP project is a luxury office and commercial property currently in development in central Israel. Due to be finished in 2024 and consisting of a tower totalling 50 floors and 75,000sqm total, as well as connections to existing and future transport infrastructure, the owners Amot Investments Ltd and Allied Real Estate Ltd have a tight schedule to stick to! 

The problem

As with any major project, the schedule is king. Even small delays have knock-on effects and before you know it a project can end up tens of millions of dollars over balance due to loan and insurance costs, as well as a lack of income from the property. However, the need for continuous and non-stop construction requires a constant cash flow to the general contractor. Taking into account that the design changes in accordance with MEP coordination, interior design additions, and unforeseen issues, tracking the construction process and making sure expenditures are appropriate is very difficult.


Furthemore, as the construction can’t be paused–especially not in the case of concrete, where casting timetables are structurally critical–the process of comparing the design to what the contractors report as completed can spiral out of control and developers can find themselves over budget with no end in sight.


For Amot Investments Ltd and Allied Real Estate Ltd, it was clear that they needed a fast way to conduct quantity takeoffs or else they wouldn’t be able to keep track of expenditures. Even at the relatively early stage of casting the car park and basement levels, it was vital to keep aligned the construction plan and the quantities reported by the contractors. 



The solution

In March 2022, the Autodesk partner integration BIMSearch was introduced to the HYP project. Using BIMSearch, quantity data can be calculated instantly, even by shareholders who have no experience with BIM and no access to BIM software. As BIMSearch is integrated with Autodesk Construction Cloud platform, all the stakeholders access the most recent version of the model, meaning that any design changes are taken into account immediately.


Eliav Tuval, Design Manager of the HYP project, explains that this is part of what makes BIMSearch stand out from other BIM tools:

“BIMSearch’s user-friendly interface and integration with Autodesk means that you can start using BIMSearch at any stage of the project. It is easy to think that if you don’t start using BIM technology from the very beginning of a project then there is no point in introducing it later. With BIMSearch this isn’t true: you can start at any stage of the project, as we did, and immediately see the benefits”.


Indeed, for Amot Investments Ltd and Allied Real Estate Ltd, introducing BIMSearch to the project meant that they, as developers, could regain and maintain control of the project: 


  1. Invoice and budget control
    By running their own quick quantity takeoffs, developers are easily able to compare quantity data from the model with the quantity reports from the contractor’s invoices. Instead of waiting for manual quantity takeoffs, they can check themselves and make sure that they aren’t blindly approving inaccurate invoices for the sake of keeping on schedule.
  2. Accurate schedule and budget forecast
    The cloud-based web app means that the lag between design changes and accurate quantity data is eliminated. Every change and update is visible in BIMSearch in real time, enabling an accurate visualization of the rate of progress and budget forecast.


BIMSearch: site progress per month

The impact

BIMSearch is used primarily by the developers of the HYP project, but being a cloud-based web app that doesn’t require experience with BIM means that it can actually be used by every stakeholder: every aspect of the project can be centralized around the BIM model in a truly BIM-based workflow.


For example, the next stage of the HYP project is to integrate BIMSearch into the day-to-day running of the building site and ensuring that the contractors plan their material deliveries using quantity data taken directly from the BIM model. This would increase the accuracy of the construction process, reducing wasted materials and saving time.

BIMSearch: Site progress summary, including quantity data

Learn more

For more information about BIMSearch, check out the rest of our website, or email Ilana


For more information about Amot Allied’s HYP project, contact Eliav Tuval:

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