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AMECTech values

Who we are

AMECTech was started in 2020 by AMEC CEO Amit Maimoni and CTO Yaniv Stoliar in order to focus on developing a hi tech workflow for the construction industry. With more than a decade of experience in the construction industry, Maimoni and Stoliar became increasingly frustrated with the lack of efficiency in the industry.  Despite a sharp rise in the use of BIM in the field of construction, this has not yet translated into making the most of what our modern technological society has to offer. AMECTech is currently developing a series of apps and services that will take advantage of the large amount of data produced by working with BIM and streamline the construction process to save time, money, and reduce waste. 

“Technology innovation in construction is more likely to stem from disruptive startup companies than from the traditional project oriented construction companies” (Sacks et al.)

AMECTech values


We believe that BIM should be accessible to everyone in the AEC industry, and that even those who don’t have years of experience with advanced software should be able to benefit from a BIM-based workflow. BIM should be easy to use, with clear interfaces and straightforward processes.



BIM should aid the efficiency of the construction industry, not hinder it. We at AMECTech believe that the construction process must improve its impact on the environment. There is so much waste of time, energy, and resources in the construction industry and we must do better to reduce it. BIM has the potential to be a major tool in the fight to reduce waste. 



Like every other aspect of life, cooperation is the key, and the AEC industry is no exception. Properly handled, BIM can be the tool to bridge the gap between all stakeholders in a project. From conception, financing, design, planning, building, and to day-to-day management of the finished product, BIM can be utilized at each stage to guide the process and improve communication. Furthermore, at AMECTech we value the personal touch and believe that BIM should be flexible, individually suited to stakeholders’ specific needs.

Our products

BIMSearch is AMECTech’s aperitif, a taster of how a BIM-based workflow can drastically reduce the amount of time, money, and materials wasted by the construction industry. BIMSearch simplifies the process of calculating quantities, planning logistics, and checking invoices by visually demonstrating the connection between quantity data and the model: the clearer and more accessible the data, the lower the chance for misunderstandings and errors. 


We also have more apps in the pipeline that will use BIM to manage budgeting, track progress, and conduct BIM model QA.

How can BIM help you?

Check out BIMSearch or contact us at and let’s revolutionize your workflow, one step at a time.

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