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BIMSearch - Autodesk partners

BIMSearch is a cloud-based web application that acts as a viewer for any model saved on Autodesk BIM 360 or Autodesk Construction Cloud platforms, enabling you to quickly search the elements, view them highlighted or colored on the model, and tabulate in a report that you can save or export to Excel. 

Super Fast Model-Based Takeoffs

Easily extract the data you need from the model.
Create fully customized tables based on the model.
Use a pre-made template or create your own to instantly get model-based takeoffs.
Create custom formulas that use the model data and quickly show the results for each element or group of elements.

Review and Analyze your Models

Create elements groups from your model, based on any and as many properties you want
Use instant visual connection between elements data to their visual representation to better understand or find errors in your model.
Color your model based on properties condition to create clear plans on the tasks you need to.

Schedule Planning and Billing

Save custom groups of elements based on data filters to plan and split your work
Create elements groups from the model to track your progress and create billing requests.
Compare and color multiple groups to analyze your work in ways you have never seen before.

Simple Steps To Integrate Your Modeling


Add BIMSearch to your hub


using your ACC/BIM360 crentials and signup to bimsearch


Create a BIMSearch account

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