Tracking subcontractor progress


Keeping track of subcontractor’s work has never been easier. Learn how to use BIMSearch to track subcontractor progress on site by connecting the work completed to the BIM model.

As this data is presented visually on the BIM model, it is easy to communicate and collaborate with any other stakeholders.

Scope of work

The easiest way to maintain a clear overview of the work that needs to be done is to use the scope of work created for each contractor. For this example, see the post on how to create a scope of work for gypsum walls.

Open the selection set with all the gypsum walls saved and see the total work that needs to be done. 

Using selection sets to arrange information for scope of work

Select and save completed elements

Now the selection set is open, close the selection set window and leave just the viewer and report, to maximize space.

You can either select the groups of elements or manually select individual elements that have been completed that month and save as a selection set.

This example saves the set in a folder “Gypsum progress per month” with the elements colored green and this specific set of elements titled “Gypsum completed Jan 2023”

Export data to Excel

Open the selection sets and export to Excel in order to share the progress with other stakeholders.

Exporting information to Excel